Who are Hiscox?


Specialist insurer, underwriting a diverse range of personal and commercial insurance risks.

Hiscox have been providing specialist insurance for more than 110 years, and have the expertise to deliver tailored schemes that suit you and your customers. In a competitive marketplace scheme business can provide great opportunities. Identifying groups of clients with shared specialist needs and developing a purpose built scheme enables brokers to differentiate themselves and showcase their expertise.

Flexing our underwriting appetite

Being prepared to underwrite the unusual has long been a Hiscox hallmark. Our schemes appetite is no different; from Morgan car owners, to coin collectors, freelancers and golfers, we have designed bespoke schemes across a wide variety of industry sectors including:

  • Retail (cycle shops, gun shops, bookshops)
  • Passion/Hobbies/Collectables (Musical instruments, individual cycles, coin collections)
  • Motor Schemes (Morgan owners, MG owners, Mercedes Benz owners, wedding cars, On track e.g. F2 & 3 )
  • Contractors (Electrical, cleaning, heating, plumbers)
  • Professional SME / Freelance
  • Sports and Leisure (Tennis, PGA golf, ramblers, gymnasts, dance schools)
  • Warranty (Electrical)
  • Contingency Group Schemes (Deposit protection, memorial headstones)
  • Trade associations (Equity members)

Delivering great service

Launching, developing or even approaching Hiscox with a new idea for a scheme is the start of an ongoing relationship. Sales, marketing, underwriters, data analysts, costing and project managers, all participate to grow and develop every scheme.

When setting up a new scheme we invite brokers to come and spend the day with the schemes team in Colchester. As a group they analyse trends/metrics and review the market to identify key areas where we can adapt the scheme quickly and respond to opportunities.

Our average delivery time for new schemes is eight weeks but we have launched in as little as four weeks – recognising the importance of working closely with brokers to ensure a swift and successful transition of their scheme. To date we have delivered 100% of schemes on time.

In service questionnaires at launch and renewal, we achieved, on average, 9/10 satisfaction; underlining the continued support we give to our brokers throughout the life of their schemes.

Helping our partners to sell it better

We support our schemes partners with a dedicated Hiscox marketing team managing schemes promotion. The team provides advice on branding, copywriting and design, attending exhibitions and developing marketing literature.